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Here at Innovative PT we like to promote healthy lifestyle. We have a unique way of training, by taking the time to understand you and your requirements better. We then guide you down the path to achieving the results you deserve. Keeping each session interesting whilst working towards the end goal. Whether it's Rehab, Strengthening or explosive exercise we have a range of exercises and classes to suit you!     



Our Personal training sessions are inspiring, well though out and planned to accommodate your own personal fitness level. With the end goal on the horizon, Dan constantly incorporates fun, safe, effective, fresh ideas into his daily sessions.    


If you feel your office or workplace could use a little extra inspiration, why not have our highly trained professional visit. With loads of interesting information and healthy lifestyle tips inspire your work colleges to feel good and look great, whilst providing the perfect team building exercise!   



We offer a range of group personal training options for a more affordable fitness approach.

If you like training with a friend to inspire each other whilst creating a social commitment this option may be more suited to you.   

           MUSCLE TONE


Toning is important in any workout, so why not target your problem areas! Whether it be weight training, body weight exercises, boxing or altering your diet. Dan can assist you with shaping up and sculpting the body you always dreamed of!  

           CORE STRENGTH

A wide range of highly effective Core exercises will have you feeling and looking stronger. We have a strong focus on strengthening and conditioning, whilst not overlooking flexibility and definition.   

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